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Our Solar PV Systems

Solar Bay has developed a number of standard packages which can be modified to suit a clients specific requirements. At Solar Bay we will only install systems that make use of products from reputable brands who are able to demonstrate they are able to 100% guarantee their warranties.

All batteries and inverters that we install will come with 5, 7 or 10 year warranty and solar panels with 20 year warranties.

All our workmanship is guaranteed and we provide certification for each and every system. Solar Bay will also assist in the registration of the system at the relevant municipality 

( Applicable to clients who are serviced by the City of Cape Town).

If  you have any specific system in mind or perhaps would like to get further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.





Hybrid solar systems combine the best elements from both grid-tie and off-grid systems. Hybrid systems are fast becoming the most popular systems in the South Africa as they offer flexibility and the ability to upscale to meet your budget.

A Hybrid system allows clients to generate electricity for use during the day like a grid-tied system BUT any excess energy generated will be used to charge your battery bank for nighttime use or during load shedding. Any further excess can then be fed to the grid for credit where allowed.

Battery storage systems is the biggest expense for clients but like with all products the price is continuing to fall which will allow further growth in the market.

Hybrid systems have also introduced the innovation of smart energy meters which allows clients even greater flexibility in managing their energy usage. This provides client with the opportunity to adjust their energy usage and take advantage of peak and off-peak price fluctuations from Eskom.  

 Equipment Required

1.     Hybrid Inverter

2.     Solar Charge Controller

3.     Smart Meter

4.     Battery Bank

5.     Solar Panels 


As the name suggests this system is tied or connected to the electrical power grid (Eskom in South Africa) and provides clients with the opportunity to use the Sun to power their home, office or commercial space. 

In certain Provinces, such as thee Western Cape, any excess energy that is generated can be released back into the grid and clients receive credit for any additional power they have generated.

Grid-Tied systems are relatively cheap to install however they are reliant on the electrical grid to be “live” and therefore, during blackouts/ load shedding, the system will not operate. 

Equipment Required

1.     Grid-Tied Inverter (GTI)

2.     Power Meter 

3.     Solar Panels 


Off-Grid systems are independent of the grid and are usually installed by clients in remote areas where access to Eskom transmission / distribution points are not possible at the time.

These systems are the most expensive as not only do they require battery storage but usually an alternative source of power, such as a generator is also installed. 

Whilst expensive, off-grid systems provide our clients with complete independence of Eskom and if designed correctly an off-grid system can be installed to meet ANY reasonable power demand including the power requirements of large commercial farms.

Off-grid systems are becoming increasingly popular in areas such as the Northern Cape where unreliable electrical supply has affected their farming operations and many farm managers have turned to solar to provide a reliable source of energy.

Equipment Required 

1.     Off Grid Inverter  

2.     Solar Charge Controller  

3.     Battery Bank 

4.     Power Meter 

5.     Alternative power source i.e. Generator 

5kW Hybrid System

10.2kWh Battery Storage

R165,000 Incl VAT

5kWH Inverter 

2 x 5.1kWh Battery Storage

14 x 310W Monocrystalline JA Solar Panels

All required materials and Labour

Independent COC




10kW 3 Phase Hybrid System

14.5 kWh Battery Storage

R255,000 incl VAT

10kW Hybrid Inverter 

5 x 2.9kWh Battery Storage

18 x 395W Monocrystalline JA Solar Panels

All required materials and Labour

Independent COC




15kWh 3 Phase Hybrid System

15.3kWh Battery Storage

R285,000 Incl VAT

5kW Hybrid Inverter for each phase

5.1kWh Battery Storage for each phase

30 x 310W Monocrystalline JA Solar Panels

All required materials and Labour

Independent COC


Solar Bay designs and installs commercial systems. Please contact us for tailor-made commercial systems